Stefflon Don, a British rapper, has written lengthy advice for young girls, urging them to stop “idolizing IT” girls.

Stefflon Don

The singer, who is well-known for her relationship with Burna Boy, has issued a warning to young girls everywhere. She goes on to say that “idolizing the so-called IT” girls will only cause them to be disrespected.

They sell their bodies for a lifestyle, she claims, and it’s not worth it. She advised young women to prioritize getting a job or going to school.

Stefflon Don

She wrote:

“Young girls please stop idolizing the “It” girls They selling “pussy cat emoji” For a “Lifestyle” they can’t maintain on their own & getting disrespected. It’s never worth it. Go get it your self Whether its school a business or a job.
Get it! You are amazing and beautiful even if the “likes” on Instagram say otherwise. 

You are everything beyond social media, Fuck- social media.
And never allow no boy to disrespect you just- cuz he has money: Whatever you want make sure you can give it to yourself”

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