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Susan Pwajok, who played Blessing in the Nobel prize family drama The Johnsons, has joined her colleagues in mourning the death of renowned actress Ada Ameh.

Ada Ameh, who died on Sunday, July 17, was Susan’s on-screen mother on the aforementioned TV show.

Susan Pwajok took to Instagram to express her grief at the sudden death, which she regarded as a joke or fake information.

The actress also wrote a touching homage to Ada Ameh, reminding her of all she did for her during her life.

“Mummy,” she wrote. I can’t believe you’re gone; I’ve been hoping to hear that it was all a joke or false information because nothing seems to be true. You were and always will be a mother to me. I recall you always saying, “complete school oo don’t be like me wey no go school.” You were one of the most courageous ladies I’d ever encountered; you were never scared to express yourself or your feelings. You were the first cast member of the Johnson’s to warm up to me as the new blessing, and you would chastise me if you noticed I was distracted or not giving my all.

You were more than just an on-screen mother to me. During my primary school graduation, even when I brought raffle tickets, you’d buy out an entire booklet, perfect ship, when you traveled and forgot to bring me something, you’d ask for my account data, and when I graduated secondary school, you bought me heels for my prom. I can’t even begin to thank you for everything you’ve done for me; I’m grateful for everything and grateful to be one of your children. Knowing you is to love you, and I’m grateful for the years I spent with you. All of the movies I have of you are joyful memories, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to film them with you. I’m going to miss you terribly, and I’ll miss your “pepper dem.”

Until our paths cross again.”

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