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Terry Apala – Bread Ati Ewa ft. Zoro
Terry Apala – Bread Ati Ewa ft. Zoro

One of the most well-known musicians on Gazi Records, Terry Apala, has recently released new music, which is currently accessible on the label’s website.

In the song “Bread Ati Ewa” by Swagbag, Zoro makes an appearance.

A young Nigerian record producer named Ozedikus is credited with creating the tune.

Additionally, this is a fantastic blockbuster single that you wouldn’t want to ignore at all.

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The singer creates a sound that has been described as a refreshing change by fusing the highlife’s dynamic speed and intensity with the electronic dance music’s percussive and electronic vibrations.

This is also a tremendous smash single that you wouldn’t want to overlook.

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