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The reason why foreign women love Nigerian men


Nigerian males appear to be the target, whether it’s Caucasians or African women from other nations. Why is that so?

Why foreign women love Nigerian men

We watch videos of ladies gushing about their love for Nigerian men every other day.

What is it about Nigerian males that attracts women to them?

1. Their record for lasting long in bed precedes them

The majority of guys in Nigeria are not two-minute men. The more time a man spends with a woman during sexual activity, the more satisfied she will be. Nigerian guys are attractive because they appear to be able to continue for 45 minutes at a time or 15 minutes back-to-back after ejaculation.

2. They are generous

When it comes to footing the bill, some Nigerian men don’t fall short. They can spend a lot of money to make their women happy. That includes monthly allowances, fine dining, wigs, clothes, and everything else women need to be happy. These kinds of men are rare, especially in other parts of the world.

3. They have a nice phallus

Although some might assert that penis size has no bearing on enjoyment, this is untrue. Nigerian guys fit into the ideal size, which lies in the region between being too thick and being too short.

4. They are smooth

When a Nigerian man loves you, he smothers you with so much love and affection. He sings your praises and has a lot of sweet words for you. Don’t be deceived; he might be finessing many other women like that. But he will say all the words that can keep you swooning.

5. They are caring and romantic

Some Nigerian men are actually quite caring. They ask if you have eaten, order food for you, and want to hear about your day. Because of how caring they are, many women want to date and marry them.

6. They are handsome

Some of the most attractive black males you will ever meet are from Nigeria. They don’t need to do anything because they are so attractive.

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