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Nigerian music firm will ever remain blissful amid what the Nigerian Music artists have contributed to its hierarchy so far, counting from the great efforts and quality songs so far. These stars are extraordinary in what they do which has so far earned them some rigid fame.

Almost all Nigerian Music lovers earn pleasure from Dancehall rhythms that’s why the Nigerian Music firm has recorded a huge amount of Dancehall beast artists which has been satisfying the nostalgia of many for a cool song. These artists are known for their special phenomena of nodding and shaking the body of many with their songs. It’s a high time we look at these stars who have been extraordinary all this while. Below are top Nigerian Dancehall artists

1. Naira Marley

Azeez Fashola popularly known as Naira Marley is the current trending dancehall artiste in Nigeria has released a lot of hit songs which has been the number one spot for every citizen who wants to dance to rhythms. He has so far been recognized as the Nigerian top dancehall artiste. You just can’t describe his qualities.

The Nigerian Dancehall singer and songwriter was born in May 1994. He grew up having some tremendous passion to be made a preeminent one day which forced him for a career pursuit. He began his career as an MC and a voice artist which he involved in for many years before encouraged by his friends and he began singing In 2014. There were many qualities and he released his debut single ‘marry Juana’ which earned him a fan base and he even further released another song like ‘Gotta dance’ in 2015 which even earned him fame.

After his alleged crime of fraud, he released another song ‘Am I a Yahoo boy‘ where he shaded his allegation and professed himself not guilty. Since then, this has swerved to a higher level. He became a top star dashing out hit songs every year which infused his identity and he became the boss. He will ever remain an icon.

2. Tekno

The favorite ‘Duro’ top star is also a beast to Nigerian Music firm having contributed excessively to its buoyancy so far. He is popularly known as one of the Nigerian Dancehall artists who has satisfied people’s urge for some perfect dance songs so far. He has been the king so far.

Tekno rose to fame after releasing his hit song ‘Duro‘ which even trended in the whole of Nigeria which also earned him fame. Tremendous people danced to his hit and he earned a fan base too. It’s was a golden opportunity for him and he stood to his feet and released more songs which infused his career with many contracts and deals. He has been a beast to Nigerian Music fame with his ever thrilling hits There is no doubt he is the king for he still boosting.

3. Zlatan

Despite being a rapper, he is also especially known for his phenomena of creating dance songs that had been thrilling many so far. Alongside naira Marley, they all began very poorly as friends pursuing their goals which are no doubt at their hands now. It’s always a joy when hard_works starts paying. He is the boss presently.

He began the race very early having judged from his old pictures when he looked extremely poor still with a mic. He was naturally known for his ever incessant energy flow which kept his hustle constant to date. After collaborating with his friend Naira Marley on the hit ‘Am I a yahoo boy’ he gained fame and never slumped on dashing out hit songs. People love him for his ever-crazy lifestyle.

The Nigerian Dancehall rapper, singer, and songwriter has so far been recognized as one of the top boosting music artists so far in Nigeria. In 2019 he collaborated with the boss king Burna Boy on the hit ‘killing dem’ and won the best collaborator at the headies award in 2019. He has so far proved his worth with his hit songs like ‘bolanle‘ and many more.

4. Kiss Daniel

The favorite girl’s choice and the woju icon is also a Nigerian Dancehall beast who dash out great songs to his name every single year. Every music lover in Nigeria would always request his songs if ever they feel to dance because it’s engulfed with tremendous qualities. Many nod to his hits professing thriller.

The young kiss who is a Nigerian songwriter and singer never stopped dreaming of aristocracy which strengthens his hustle after getting a degree from his higher education. G worldwide record label offered him a deal that he never slumped on a signing. He signed a record deal with them and released his debut single woju which even attracted davido and Tiwa savage who assisted him with the remix and he gained fame extraordinary. He further released more songs until he departed from G worldwide record label amid personal clashes and created his own record label which he titled ‘Flyboy’. Many songs came from him which are the best for many. He is the king.

5. Teni

Teni is a lady who would always remain an inspiration and also an icon who should remind some noncourageous girls that they can also achieve fame despite their gender and they’re agender in Nigeria because she achieved fame legally. As a teenager, she dreamed preeminently and stood fame to his hustle and released his debut single case which thrilled thousands and he earned fame.

She further released the ever satisfying ‘Uyo meyo’ which won her the best vocalist of the year at the headies award in 2019. She has so far released many songs to her name which has proved her energy so far.

Any girl would always love to possess Teni’s ever-flowing energy and qualities, she is a boss.

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