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It’s amazing how quickly some of Nigeria’s biggest stars rose to fame and reached their peak popularity. We are also kept in the dark about the additional poverty that these same stars experienced. Once upon a time, they were acknowledged as lowly roots who were denied the hope of succession.

In this essay, we’ll discuss some of the biggest celebrities who were once thought to be the product of poverty and provide numerous arguments for why you shouldn’t give up on your ambitions.

Check out the stars’ attributes below and be amazed.

Nigerian top music stars who lived in poverty before becoming wealthy.


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One of the greatest artists in Nigeria, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, better known by his stage name Wizkid, endured extreme poverty. He concurred and was of humble origin. No one anticipated he would become a millionaire in just ten years, which has also gained him a great deal of respect.

From the beginning, Wizkid was just like the other street kids who worked all day to support their families. In his family of twelve sisters from various moms, he was the lone boy. His father engaged in polygamous relationships. Everything appeared to be very difficult because the singer frequently expressed the difficult complications of poverty.

Because his parents couldn’t afford to pay for his transportation, he had to walk from home to school during his primary and secondary school years. At the time, he found trekking to be exciting. Although it was widely believed that his secondary school, the renowned Ijebu Ode Grammar School, was rather far from his house, he never cared about it. After spending a number of years listening to artists like King Sunny Ade, Fela Kuti, and Bob Marley, Wizkid had a genuine affinity for music as a teenager. He never wavered and worked hard for his career, which came about largely favorably.

Wizkid is currently the wealthiest musician in Nigeria, with a $30 million estimated net worth (14 billion in Naira)


Olamide, better known by his stage name Gbenga Olamide, is noted as one of the best musicians in Nigeria who struggled with poverty before becoming a multi-billionaire. He gets some admiration for the speed with which he accepted poverty while coming from a terrible family.

It’s interesting how Olamide, a Nigerian rapper, singer, and songwriter, appears to have a good life that is expensive, but Olamide once had a reputation as a street-smart kid who struggled to make ends meet. Even as it was, this has certainly come a long way.

Olamide was raised and received his elementary and secondary education in Bariga, Lagos State, where he was born. He was the second child born to Pa Adedeji and Ronke Osisanya Adedeji, who was his second wife. Due to the polygamous nature of his family, his father was unable to support him during his teenage years, and as a result, he discontinued his studies in mass communication at Tai Solarin University. Everyone was frequently left to pursue their own buoyancy once they had reached adulthood.

Olamide never let his upbringing destroy his ambition or love of music, and he stormed the studio and released a ton of memorable hit songs that catapulted him into the public eye. Nigerians have always been extremely proud of Olamide for the contribution he has made to the success of the Afrobeat genre and the Nigerian music industry as a whole.

Olamide’s net worth is currently projected to be an astounding $8 million.


The well-known young and promising plantain vendor has also demonstrated the power of perseverance and grace. He has demonstrated and used the argument that he was a class hustler, which is why we should not trust inconsistency.

Without a doubt, Inetimi Timaya Odon, better known by his stage name Timaya, is recognized as one of the Nigerian songwriters and singers who originated from a very underprivileged background. It’s quite amazing that it could have grown from such a weak root to the top.

Timaya’s early years were rather challenging because he was the last of his fifteen sisters and brothers to be born, and because his father never encouraged his interest in music because he preferred a banking career for him. He attended Odon Nursery And Primary School, an Assemblies of God institution, for his primary schooling. In Port Harcourt, at Nkpolu Oroworukwo, he commenced his secondary schooling. Timaya was different from his father, even if his father’s expectations for his son remained constant. As a young rapper, he did violate the house norms by attending small music events.

Timaya stormed Port Harcourt to study Banking and Finance at the university level, where he failed more frequently in the first semester, in an effort to achieve his aim. This prompted him to go to the state of Lagos, where he became a backup vocalist for Eedris Abdulkareem’s hip-hop ensemble. Everything worked out, he gained confidence, and he moved forward with his solo career by releasing numerous hit songs at that time.

There is no question about his success thus far because he has been identified as one of the active pioneers of Nigerian music. Timaya is the boss thanks to his enormous net worth of $8.5 million.


The street king who lived in squalor before becoming a billionaire is without a doubt the Nigerian musician and singer known by the stage name Chinedu Okoli. Given how he dismantled the influence of poverty and made it appear simple, he should also be highly regarded as a Nigerian monarch.

The Nigerian singer and composer pushed his musical career cautiously, which propelled him to the top, while growing in full aspiration and immersed with musical passion. Prior to entering the spotlight, he received instruction from a highly musical institution that helped him develop his musical skills before he entered the recording studio and began his solo.

When Flavour launched his debut track, N’abania, many Nigerians jammed to it and fell in love with him. This even motivated him to write and release a number of popular songs that best exemplify his current character traits.

Flavour’s estimated net worth of $9.5 million best describes his position in his current hierarchy.

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