Numerous Milan players ping the ball here and there just inside their own half, with Tottenham’s players applying little or no pressure and simply letting them do their thing. Spurs’ first-half performance has been largely disappointing, with little or no urgency and little or no creation.

Spurs get another shot on goal, but Perisic’s weak header bounces onto the pitch and into the hands of the keeper.

Dejan Kulusevski sends a cross from the right to the far post, where the ball is standing up. Ivan Perisic catches it but fails to generate any power in his downward header. Mike Maignan, goalkeeper for AC Milan, collects.

The home crowd is becoming increasingly frustrated with the Spurs’ slow build-up play.

Kulusevski eventually looks for Son’s run into the area, but the pass is easily intercepted, and he fouls Giroud.

Spurs’ play has been uninspired thus far.

Dejan Kulusevski makes a loose pass, then fouls Olivier Giroud while attempting to recover the ball. The French striker falls to the ground and takes his time getting back to his feet.