Real Betis and Manchester United began the match with full attacking forces.

This is extremely comfortable, and Betis have given up hope of turning things around.

They’re still trying to score for the home crowd, but United are still in command and have managed to slow the game down.

Manchester United’s goal has effectively silenced the 54,000-strong home crowd, with Betis exiting the Europa League and United progressing to the quarter-finals.

Since Rashford’s strike, the hosts have made a couple of speculative efforts, but nothing that has put the Red Devils’ resolve to the test.

Miranda gets to the byline on the left and crosses, hoping to find Juanmi in the middle six yards out. But he gives the cross too much power, and Juanmi has no chance of meeting it.

Sighs of frustration from the home care workers. They’d like to see their team win a tiebreaker. Their efforts are certainly deserving of a goal.

Real Betis began the second half exactly as they began the first.

They know they need an early goal to have any chance of winning and are pushing hard to achieve it.

United will have little time on the ball, but will have plenty of space on the break.

Weghorst is the first to react to a bouncing ball in the box, shooting first-time on the half-volley. His effort, on the other hand, is aimed squarely at the keeper. United has now made 13 attempts.

Pellistri’s first-time ball down the right sends Sancho clear. Sancho gets to the edge of the box and should square the ball for Elanga to tap in, but instead slams past the keeper. Rui Silva stays big to block, and the offside flag is raised.

Even so, Sancho’s performance was poor, and Elanga is within his rights to give him an earful.