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Ukraine will need to deal with Putin, but France is not at odds with Russia, according to President Macron

The French president, Emmanuel Macron has stated that Ukraine and Europe must speak with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the ongoing conflict.

This, according to the French President, is the situation.

According to CNN, he stated that Ukraine and Europe “will have to negotiate” at some time.

“The only desired outcome of the conflict is either a military triumph for Ukraine or dialogue at some point because the violence has ceased, therefore we must talk at some time.”

“At some time, we Europeans will get around the table to negotiate,” he added.

Despite European backing for Ukraine, Macron made it clear that his country is not at war with Russia.

“The dilemma with which we have all been confronted is that, while we condemn, sanction, and support the Ukrainians in their struggle, we are not at war with Russia,” he explained.


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