A Kwara-based comedian, Sola Kafinta has apologized to President-elect Bola Tinubu and his Yoruba tribespeople.

In Ilorin, the state capital, he vigorously supported and campaigned for Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi.

Video: I'm sorry for supporting for Obi, I was brainwashed - Comedian Sola Kafinta apologises to Tinubu, Yorubas - sola kafinta apologise tinubu

Sola claimed that he supported Obi because he was brainwashed and didn’t have control over his decisions, but he now regrets his actions.

In a video posted online, the content creator stated that his eyes are now open and that he sincerely apologizes to his fans, pleading with them to forgive him. He added that if he wasn’t in a car, he would have knelt to properly beg.

“I want to say an apology to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and to all my Yoruba tribe. I want to say I am sorry. I regret supporting Peter Obi. I was brainwashed, that was the reason for supporting Peter Obi,” he said.

Watch him speak below: