A woman sparked outrage on social media after responding to a man who advised women to keep their virginity until marriage.

The man took to his official social media page to pen advice to ladies to endeavor to keep their virginity intact till marriage.

The man took to Facebook to note:

“As a lady, how will u feel if a man that wants to marry you ask if you’re a virgin & you arent? Keep your virginity till marriage”

However, his comment may have triggered a user, who asked him why men cannot keep their virginities as well. She further stated that ladies would also love to settle down with men who are virgins and not “second-class.”

The lady replied:

“That is what am passing true my brother. I ask one man that came to marry me, if his a virgin he got angry. I told him nna I can’t marry a second-class amu. Keep your virginity we lady’s love virgin man. Please am looking for one”

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