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The Labour Party (LP) has stated that they will enlist the assistance of nurses, doctors, and other medical

professionals to prevent vote tampering in the upcoming 2023 election.

Barr Julius Abure, national chairman of the Labour Party, stated that the party will do everything possible to close all

loopholes for election rigging.

When the Docs&Medics4PeterObi movement, led by healthcare professionals in support of Peter Obi and Yusuf Datti Baba-candidacy, Ahmed’s visited his office, the national chairman stated this.

Abure told the group that he wants a list of all medical personnel in the country so that they can act as party agents at polling stations.

“The level of work and passion you have put into this project is unprecedented,” he said. “In their polling units, medical doctors, nurses, and other health personnel will act as our agents.”

“We are ahead of those who intend to rig the election at the polling station level.” Through the electronic transmission of election results, the current electoral act has secured our votes and prevented rigging at polling stations.

“Send the list of doctors and nurses at polling places because they cannot be compromised.” They will act as our representatives. If the doctors are present, our votes will be counted.”

Abure went on to say that he was confident the LP would win the upcoming election and that when they finally revealed their election plans, other parties would be stunned and make way for them.

In response to Abure, Dr. Uche Uzoukwu, the leader of Docs&Medics4PeterObi, stated that their organization, which is present in all polling units, would influence 100,000 Nigerian health practitioners to mobilize more than 30 million citizens in support of the LP.

“We’ve now moved on to town hall meetings and medical outreach.” “We call people for medical outreaches, and after we treat them, we show them the Labour Party logo and encourage them to get their PVCs and vote,” he explained.

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