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A woman who appears to know a lot about relationships has taken to social media to give advice to men.

According to the lady, men should not date poor girls because they can never truly love them.

She said that broke girls only stick with a guy just because they’re hungry and without money.

The relationship expert went on to say that once a broke girl finally makes it, she’d ditch the guy she was dating when she had no money.

Check out reactions gathered from Netizens;

only1_ednariches wrote: “Never trust d loyalty Sr of a broke person oh. U won’t even no if dey just love u or bcos of wat dey stands to benefit by loving u”

ekedum94 wrote: “We learnt that one from the female gender”

fashion_magicblog wrote: “God will help this generation, you don’t know when somebody loves you for real or because of what you have”

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