P-Peter Square’s Okoye has clashed with artist Seun Kuti over a remark the latter made about presidential candidate Peter Obi.

seun kuti

The feud between Seun Kuti and Peter Okoye began when Kuti stated that no politician can save Nigeria except Nigerians themselves. Seun Kuti went on to say that even if Sowore wins the election, he will be unable to effect meaningful change in a country dominated by the PDP.

Peter Obi, according to Seun Kuti, is an opportunist who switched to the Labour Party after losing the PDP primaries.

In response, Peter Okoye tweeted, “My late father was a nobody, but today everyone knows the Okoyes!” Try removing “Kuti” from your name and see if I know who you are! Maintain your local SHRINE while people like us and others continue to excel on a global scale! “You can’t shame the shameless”.