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“Your side girl won’t take care of you when you’re old,” somebody said in response to a video of Olu Jacobs cutting his 80th birthday cake

A video of veteran actor Olu Jacobs cutting his birthday cake at his just finished 80th birthday celebration sparked outrage on social media, with many thanking his wife, Joke Silva, for remaining by him despite his health issues.

Joke Silva, who has been praised on social media for standing by her husband through it all, stood by his side throughout the 80th birthday celebration, assisting him when he needed it.

We see her teaching him how to cut the cake in a lovely way in the video.

“That is why it is good for men to take good care of their spouses,” one Aminat responded. If he wasn’t nice to his wife… I suppose this isn’t the tale… Take care of your women, men!”

“What an amazing woman oo…,” one Toni wrote. It’s nice to have a good woman oo. See how this woman looks after this man despite the fact that he has no idea who she is.”

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