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“You’re never ready to marry,” says a lady who forbids her future husband from watching football at home.

On Twitter, a young lady known as @iamscrummy has warned her future husband about football.

In her tweet, the single woman revealed how she wants things done in her home when she marries.

According to her, nobody including her husband would be permitted to watch football in the house.

She wrote:
“Dear future husband, no watching of Football in our house”

Reacting to this, @abena.bby wrote: “I prayed this prayer, he doesn’t like or watch football, my oga na wrestling him dey watch and like.”

@diy.iers stated: “When’s a TV in every room and a theater room, why would | be bothered man do you please.”

@dumebiblog said:
Say i don’t want to get married without saying I don’t want to get married.”

@funnyboneofficial wrote: “You never ready to marry o.” reacted: “Well not all men like soccer or even watch it, so she can surely get what she wants.”

@nellylove_ebor added: “U go love watching football by force u never see anything husband na your mate.”

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